EDADOC in PCBWest, Chinese technology in Silicon Valley.

Source:Edadoc Time:2015/9/18
As a regular in PCBWest exhibition, Edadoc booth 418 on September 16th achieved a great success. Many old sports who are very familiar with Edadoc came our booth directly and renewed our contract with no hesitation. They all appreciate our work because they meet us every year in PCBWest exhibition since the first time we joined PCBWest in 2007.

Edadoc booth 418 is also welcomed by many fresh faces who are very professional engineers, designers and assemblers. Here are something our Edadoc experts have learned from the talking with our new and old friends. At the same time, we also show our professional spirits to our friends.

At PCBWest conference center, Edadoc expert-Bruce Wu have a successful speech about "Ten common misunderstandings in PCB design". This topic has generated a popular discussion among all engineers at the conference because it very close to their daily work.

we thanks for PCBWest offering such an nice platform to meet many friends and let some aboard friends know more Chinese technology. While we never stop at this and we still keep moving. Edadoc seminar will be held at September 23th, welcome! http://www.en.edadoc.com/news/show/112