New Purchase of FUJI NXT3 Boost SMT Capacity to 4 Times

Source:Edadoc Time:2014/12/25
The new purchase of FUJI High-speed Module Machines NXT III arrived at EDADOC SMT factory on December 21, and these machines were put into operation on December 22. At present, there are 4 SMT mass production lines: XPF Muti-function Machine + NXT III, of which, single line production capacity is 95,000CPH, and 380,000CPH by total, 4 times as many as before.

FUJI developed NXT III last year and this new type of NXT improved the SMT efficiency and quality at a large scale. Single NXT III SMT capacity reaches 35,000CPH, 35% more than NXT II. 

Another significant improvement of NXT III is that this new machine can not only mount the 01005 component, but also the even smaller 03015 component, which still not launch on the market yet and will come soon. 

Wiht these cutting-edged FUJI machines, focusing on the SMT prototype, small and medium volume service, EDADOC will do offer the more professional, more efficient, higher quality SMT PCB assembly service to our customers. EDADOC, Your Best Partner.