Name A Video phone

Source: Time:2014/8/29 0:00:00
【Customer】: A network equipment company in Shenzhen
【Product】: Video phone terminal
【Technical Class】: RE EN55022 CLASS B
【Technical Difficulty】: It is a consumer product, with high delivery quantity. It is required that its plastic case should pass CLASS B. The plastic cover should not be sprayed with conductive paint and furthermore should not be configured with a shielding mask (including partial shielding). The cost is strictly controlled.
【Countermeasure】: Inspection, optimized principle scheme; model selection of components; redoing PCB design.
【Result】: In August 2004, the device successfully passed the RE EN55022 CLASS B test at the professional EMC laboratory of Shenzhen Huatongwei International Inspection Co., Ltd.

Video phone terminal