Name A video device successfully passed EMC test

Source: Time:2014/8/29 0:00:00
【Customer】: A well-known domestic video manufacturer in Suzhou
【Product】: Video device
【Technical Class】: RE EN55022 CLASS B
【Technical Difficulty】: This product is quite sophisticated, without a variety of board power supplies and crystal oscillators. The main board has over 10,000 pins, with a variety of input/output interfaces. There are over 20 ports - AUDIO, VIDEO, VGA, S terminal, E1, 232, 422, 485,Ethernet, and so on.
【Countermeasure】: Model selection of components;principle design;simulation analysis; excellent PCB design; proper frame and optimized cables.
【Result】: In May 2005, the product successfully passed the EN55022 CLASS B test organized by China TTL lab, an authoritative EMC institution in China.

Video device EMC test