Name EMC rectification & improvement of board for an IPv6 10G core routing switch

Source: Time:2014/8/29 0:00:00
【Customer】: A large-scale communication enterprise in Beijing
【Product】: Telecom-class IPv6 10G core routing switch
【Technical Difficult】: The original design does not take full consideration of the EMC requirement, resulting in failure in passing the EMC test, and the market pressure leads to board rectification necessity. It is an urgent task with tight time limit, and we are not allowed to conduct correction and adjustment in the whole office. The signal on the board can reach a maximum rate of 3.125G, and multiple optical interfaces are provided.
【Countermeasure】: After checking the schematic diagram and making PCB design, on-site work, we completed the task ahead of scheduel.
【Result】: In February 2006, the customer informed us that our design had successfully passed the test by Shanghai Moore Laboratory.

Telecom-class IPv6 10G core routing switch