Edadoc PCB factory was built in 2009 in Sihui, north of Guangzhou. This PCB manufacturing factory machines imported from Japan, Germany and Taiwan. The experts from the Japanese top PCB fabrication company joined in our team and the adopting with process control have powered us to make PCB fabrication in high quality is possible.

EDADOC PCB manufacturing provides 2-64 layers PCB fabrication, including HDI, Rigid board, Rigid-Flex board, etc, from prototype to mass production, with high quality, quick turn and highly effective cost. 

With the good reputation of EDADOC, which is largest PCB Design Center in China, we have provided excellent PCB fabrication service for more than 3000 customers. We also cooperate with the PCB fabricators in Japan and the United States, and thus we can provide the globally cutting-edged, customized PCB fabrication service.

factory for pcb fabrication