PCB Fabrication

PCB FabricationEdadoc provides 2-64 layered PCBs for fabrication, including HDI, Rigid, Rigid-Flex, & flex boards. Quantities range from prototype to mass production, with high quality, and quick turn available at an excellent cost. We are one of the top PCB fabricators in China because we adhere strictly to manufacturing rules to maintain quality control.

Our Sihui PCB factory was built in 2009 and is has been newly outfitted with advanced machines imported from Japan and Germany. The experts from Japan’s top PCB fabrication company, Fuji joined our team and adopting their processes has allowed us to make higher quality PCBs. We also cooperate with PCB fabrication facilities in Japan and the United States to provide more options and customizable PCB fabrication services to our global customers.

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Item Technical Parameter
Layer 2-64
Thickness 0.6-10mm
Copper Thickness 0.3-12 oz
Min Mechanical Hole 0.1mm
Min Laser Hole 0.075mm
HDI 1+n+1、2+n+2、3+n+3
Max Aspect Ratio 18:1
Max Board Size 610mm*1100mm
Min Width/Space 2.4/2.4mil
Min Outline Tolerance ±0.1mm
Impedance Tolerance ±5%
Min PP Thickness 0.06mm
Bow & Twist ≤0.5%
Materials FR4、High-TG 、Rogers、Nelco、RCC、PTFE
Surface Finished HASL、HASL Pb Free
Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver
OSP、Immersion Gold + OSP
Special Capability Gold Finger Plating 、Peelable、Carbon ink
Lead time
Layer Prototype Mass prduction Quick Turn
2L 5days 9days 48h
4L 5days 10days 3days
6L 6days 12days 3days
8L 7days 12days 4days
10L 10days 14days 4days
12L 10days 14days 5days
14L 12days 16days 6days
16L 12days 16days 6days
18L 14days 18days 6days
20L 14days 18days 8days
22L 14days 20days 8days
24L 14days 20days 8days
26L 14days 20days 10days
28L 14days 20days 10days
30L 14days 20days 10days
32L 14days 20days 10days


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  • CNC Drilling Machine-SchmollCNC Drilling Machine-Schmoll
  • PTH LinePTH Line
  • Automatic Optical InspectionAutomatic Optical Inspection
  • Automatic Lamination MachineAutomatic Lamination Machine
  • S/M Printing MachineS/M Printing Machine