PCB  Design

pcb designEDADOC has been in the PCB design business since 2003. We specialize in high-speed PCB design, SI/PI/EMC analysis in addition to training and consulting. With our outstanding expertise at PCB design, we offer high-quality service for over 3,000 clients all over the world. We are the largest PCB design center in China with over 500 professional engineers.

●500+ full-time professional engineers
●10000+ PCB design projects per year
●Recognized by 3000+ clients

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Tech Articles
Reducing Signal Transmission Loss
Higher-speed signal transmission is strongly required on a printed circuit board to handle massive data in electronic systems. So, signal transmission loss of copper wiring on a printed circuit board...
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Flexible Circuit Component Assembly
The market for rigid PCBs is estimated to be about 10x the market size for flexible printed circuits (FPCs). ​